Dear members,

The MIT Club Argentino is working with MIT Public Services Center to generate opportunities for MIT students to work on projects with significant social impact in Argentina. Club Argentino is seeking for organizations in Argentina that can benefit from these projects and accommodate students. MIT Public Services Center is offering a stipend for the students involved, which normally goes toward travel and lodging expenses in Argentina. Please notice that in order to receive funding from MIT PSC, you MUST be a registered MIT student.

If you want to make a difference and you want to visit Argentina, this is a great opportunity.

For traveling during IAP (January), the deadline for applications is October 23rd. Unfortunately, we will not have projects ready before next semester. So if you:
- would like to work on a project in Argentina, or
- know organizations in Argentina that can benefit from this, or
- have ideas for projects
please contact us at so we can try to coordinate projects for IAP.

MIT PSC website ( offers a great deal of information regarding fellowships, internships, sample projects, ideas… please visit their website if you want to learn more.